01. Getting people to talk about money matters

Research has shown that only 1 in 5 seek help with their financial concerns. 

We know it may be disconcerting to talk about financial worries, but we want to serve as a reminder to the community that you are not alone and that others face the same concerns.

Our aim is to facilitate discussions about money issues in an open environment, making it easier to talk about money and shed the shame the taboo subject brings. 

Social media peer pressure can affect people of all ages - seemingly lavish lifestyles project a false reflection of financial circumstances, and are too often funded by increasing credit card balances. 

However, we want to use the influence of social media for good. By generating additional opportunities to talk about finances, we highlight the downfalls of overspending and raise awareness of the potential unforeseen circumstances that can have a serious impact on relationships and mental well-being.