We believe everyone in the UK deserves a fair shot at financial success. To give everyone a chance we are focusing on:


01. Getting people to talk about money matters

Research has shown that only 1 in 5 seek help with their financial concerns. 

We know it may be disconcerting to talk about financial worries, but we want to serve as a reminder to the community that you are not alone and that others face the same concerns.

Our aim is to facilitate discussions about money issues in an open environment, making it easier to talk about money and shed the shame the taboo subject brings. 

Social media peer pressure can affect people of all ages - seemingly lavish lifestyles project a false reflection of financial circumstances, and are too often funded by increasing credit card balances. 

However, we want to use the influence of social media for good. By generating additional opportunities to talk about finances, we highlight the downfalls of overspending and raise awareness of the potential unforeseen circumstances that can have a serious impact on relationships and mental well-being. 


02. Signposting financial products for good

With the cost of living rising in the UK, making wise financial decisions is crucial. Few people understand the world of financial jargon, often choosing financial products that fail to address the root of their money concerns. We want to connect people with companies that:

  • Can deliver practical everyday help to assist in their journey to financial freedom

  • Provide access to better returns, so that people with more savings can grow and preserve their wealth by investing in healthy returns for a secure financial future.

Multiple studies have shown that people are more responsive when presented with information in video format. Using media channels to suit everyone, our aim is to provide access to beneficial and affordable financial products and services, so that the journey to financial freedom can become a reality for more people within the community.


03. Teaching people how money works and how money can work for them

Are you constantly paying towards a credit card or loan that doesn’t seem to decrease? In our experience, so many families and individuals have loans or credit cards that they have been paying off for years and while they are not struggling, they are not progressing either. Any change to their circumstances (i.e loss of salary) could be detrimental to the household.

At TWiCE, we point people in the right direction and offer a new perspective and tools to help them take control of their financial situation. 

We all have the inbuilt desire to find meaning and purpose in what we do. We are thrilled with the prospect of empowering the community, by providing tools, hints and tips to help everyone in the community manage their finances better. Whether you want to learn to invest strategically or save for your children’s education, we believe that everyone deserves to be equipped with the right tools to make the most of their hard-earned cash. 


04. Creating a savings culture

Everyone has a financial dream but their goals will change throughout their different life stages. By identifying the goals that they value, people can become more strategic with their finances, ensuring the choices they make today will also be beneficial long term. 

We come alongside those in the community, encouraging them to focus less on what they earn and more on how they can develop good financial habits, which can enable them to keep more of their hard earned income. 

We want people to win the battle of keeping more of their money by providing access to a range of carefully hand picked financial management tools. Our aim is to bridge any gaps people may have so they can learn, grow & make positive changes for a brighter future. 


Thinking about getting involved?