Bite-Sized Money Talks

With Savvney Bite-Sized Money Talks , you will receive informative short videos from our expert team on how money works and how to make money work for you.

Fortnightly Insights capture current affairs in finances, delivering it in an accessible way so that everyone can understand. We show how the latest news in the financial world actually affects you and we provide you with helpful hints and tips for getting ahead with your personal finances. 

Money Stories encourage everyday people to speak openly about their personal finance journey. We know that no two journeys are the same, but that all are significant. Join us as we hear from real people talking about their finances, things they have learned along the way, as well as any useful tips they may have gathered, which may help you on your journey.

These videos are available through our online hub, so not only can you access our Bite-Sized Money Talks through an easy to use platform, but you can actively comment and discuss what we’ve talked about with our engaging team and others, so we can all start helping each other.

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Croydon residents receive our Bite-Sized Money Talks for FREE (RRP £19.00 per annum), so enter your postcode in the get involved form and start learning at absolutely no cost! Please note that the Bite-Sized Money Talks may be refreshed every two weeks and old courses removed to make way for new content.