About Us

The TWiCE Campaign is all about bringing individuals, charities, and businesses in the local community together so they can help everyone gain a better understanding of how money works, and how to make money work for them.  We are a community campaign run by Savvney CIC, a community interest company that aims to provide greater financial education for everyone.


Our passion is to achieve our four objectives and we started with the people of Croydon:

  • Getting people talking about money

  • Signposting financial products for good

  • Teaching people how money works

  • Creating a savings culture

However, we don’t stop there, along with our community workshops and partnerships with people and businesses, TWiCE provides online financial education, which has been made FREE for Croydon residents.

Through TWiCE, everyone in the community can register for Savvney’s Bite-Sized Money Talks. Subscribers gain access to fortnightly news updates, hints & tips, money stories, and educational trailers (RRP £19.00 per annum).

We believe everyone should have a fair shot at financial success. Savvney believes the first step is providing people with the tools they need to make informed choices. The TWiCE Campaign is here to make that happen and This Will Change Everything.

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