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(Expires April 30, 2019)

Thank you for your interest in introducing TWiCE to your family and friends! Spreading the word enables others to both benefit from and be part of making a difference with this campaign. Your friends will also be eligible to receive a discount on our Bite-Sized Money Talks videos for their first year.

We’ve come up with a few simple steps that you can do to introduce your friends to this campaign.

  1. Message

    Send your friends a message in whichever format you prefer, briefly telling them who we are and what we are trying to do. Make sure to provide a link to our website, too!

  2. Attach

    Click on the button below to reveal and download the voucher. This voucher entitles your non-Croydon friends to 50% Bite-Sized Money Talks for their first year. Your Croydon friends will receive these videos for FREE (T&Cs apply).

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    Send your message!

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