Message from Frank

Hi Family & Friends!

The TWiCE Campaign is a brand new venture all about giving everyone the opportunity to achieve financial success by learning how money works and how to make it work for them. I think for most of us, no one has really sat us down to teach us about money, which is why this initiative is so exciting. It aims to provide engaging, relevant and easy to understand financial education in video format to everyone across the UK, starting in Croydon.

This is an initiative so many people could benefit from, which is why I need your help to share it with others.

Getting involved is easy! There are 3 simple steps, which can all be completed by clicking on the Get Involved button below:

  1. Pledge – Your support

  2. Register – for fortnightly insights & money Stories

  3. Contribute – time, voice or financially

If you’d like me to walk you through these steps, let me know when would be best to call and either myself or one of the TWiCE volunteers can take you through the whole process.

Thank you again!


Frank Mukahanana