Why should you spring clean your finances?

Let’s admit it, we are not all Marie Kondo.  Some of us have a few more plates to keep in the air and sometimes the thought of spring cleaning of any kind just fills us with dread.  Don’t lose heart, it really is more simple than it sounds - 30 minutes a day is not really that large in the greater scheme of things and could really benefit you and your family.  Here are just a few reasons you should regularly spring clean your finances:- 

Spring cleaning finances - daffodils.jpg

1.       Order creates clarity

 Here at TWiCe, we believe that cluttered surroundings create a cluttered mind.  When your paperwork is in order, you can make better informed financial decisions that will benefit you in the long run.  Not only that, you can refer to any paperwork you need without the stress of hunting for it in a pile of unfiled paperwork.


2.       Peace of mind

 When your income and outgoings are clear, you can start to put some money aside. A budget is not meant to be restrictive, but provide you with balance which is key to your overall well-being, both financially and mentally.  Having a nest egg gives you piece of mind, should an unexpected expense arrive.  Here at TWiCE, we are all about simplifying your money so it works the way you need it to for your own specific circumstances.


3.       Fuller pockets

Organised finances and reduced outgoings means more money in your pocket for savings or spending on making memories with loved ones.  Win-win for everyone.


4.       Helps you meet your long term goals

 When you know where you are with your finances, you can manage your money better and look at investing for your future while making your money work for you.   Long term financial goals can then become realistically achievable.


Are you convinced that spring cleaning your finances is beneficial?  If so, check out our simple tips on how you can get started by reading our blog on spring cleaning your finances here.  If you would like to find out more about what we do at TWiCE and would like to learn more about money, how it works and how you can make it work for you, sign up for our Fortnightly Insights and money stories here.

- Natasha W


Disclaimer:  The above information does not replace financial advice.  Please ensure you seek independent financial advice before making any decisions regarding your finances.  We also recommend that you carry out your own research to ensure that this is right for your own unique circumstances.  Please note that we sometimes link to other websites but we cannot be held responsible for their content.