New Year's resolutions that you can actually keep


Happy New Year from all of us at the TWiCE Campaign!

A new year is often synonymous with resolutions. Whether they be health, fitness or finance related, most people try to set a few goals for the year to improve or make a change in their lives.

If you have yet to come up with a few resolutions or struggle to keep them, we’ve put together a few things you can try. The great thing is that all of them can be accomplished in the space of a week! 

1.   Cash only
If you normally use your card to buy everything, try carrying only cash with you for just one week and see how it affects your spending patterns. Using physical money provides a more tangible visual to how much you’re actually spending, especially if it’s a multi-purchase kind of day. At TWiCE, we know of a few people who take £150 or so out every week and split that between the 7 days of the week. If they want to buy something more than the day’s allotted amount, then they “save up” from other days to purchase it. This exercise makes spending less automatic and can help put you back in control of your money.

coffee shop.jpg

2.   Empty your wallet (but don’t spend all the contents!)
We often carry so many unnecessary items in our wallets, from store cards to loyalty cards to coffee shop stamp cards. Why not go through each one and see if you still visit that particular shop and if the benefits are worth carrying the card around. If not, take 10 minutes to recycle them, give them to friends where possible or cancel them.

3.   Have a go at haggling 
There are lots of opportunities to save on car insurance, home insurance, phone bills and energy bills through negotiating. One of our team succeeded in reducing her phone bill when the contract finished from £20 to £5 by simply calling up her network provider and asking for a better deal.

4.   Get a head start on spring cleaning
Use the new year as an excuse to go through old things and see what you can part from. Old DVDs, CDs and books that are in good nick can be traded in for cash using online websites like MusicMagpie or Momox. One of the TWiCE team managed to trade in £30 worth of old books and CDs! Decluttering will not only free up space physically, but can also have a positive impact on your stress levels.

At TWiCE, we believe 2019 is going to be a great year. We’re excited for you to make positive and healthy changes in your life to improve your financial wellbeing. Let us know how you get on with your resolutions by getting in touch!

  • Michaela L

Disclaimer: The above information does not replace financial advice. Please ensure you seek independent financial advice before making any decisions regarding your finances. We also recommend that you carry out your own research to ensure that this is right for your own unique circumstances. Please note that we sometimes link to other websites but we cannot be held responsible for their content.